LEmonhead (lelerz) wrote in protagonists,

Wee, I just did a very large update on the Protagonist Sim stories... OH THE DRAMA INVOLVED.. and only on the 2nd day of Sim University!!!!!!

Click here for the thread. (Star members only aka those with 200 or more posts)
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Damn.. I seem kinda dark. And I have a shirt exactly like the one I'm wearing in that picture! =O Have you been raiding my closet, Lelerz?
I like my abs in that picture! haha I only wish they were like that in real life. :)
lele - you make me laugh. I can't wait to find out what happens, lol.

And look - lil 'ol me is in there too. Thanks for remembering me :)
Ahh!! I'm there! Excitement! :D
aaaaaaw i remember when i made my protag house. you and stoklerz were lesbians.