Lauren D. (theprotagonist) wrote in protagonists,
Lauren D.

Daily Grind Alert

I missed the last Daily grind too , 8wishes. Thanks to you, the next one is scheduled on your birthday, June 11. Nice theme, huh? A Wenzday01 Day! Hopefully, by that time I'll have a new digital camera soon to replace my stolen one . I'm torn between a Sony DSC P10 (5 megapixel) and a Canon IXUS 430 (4 megapixels)
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canon canon! :P you'll have one almost like me and daynah ;P
for some reason the Canon is more expensive than the Sony in here but in Amazon, it's the opposite. I'm thinking of getting the Canon even if it's 3000 pesos more expensive.
Lauryn, those were the exact two cameras I considered buying back in Feb. After reading the user feedback on amazon for the Sony 5mp camera, I thought Canon was the better brand. I picked the Canon Powershot SD100 (en) because it was much cheaper than then s400 (Digital IXUS series) at the time. It's much smaller than the sony too. I could fit it in my jeans pocket. And you know those pockets aren't really big!
Yeah I did more research in BLOGGED. The only thing that Canon doesn't have is unlimited video capability . Sony takes 640x480 video clips with sound and no time limit as long as your memory card permits. I know I can get a videocam but having a pocket sized version is really handy.